The guides

Highly skilled Maasai guides and drivers

One of the most important things when it comes to a successful safari, is to have good guides. And the guides at Oltepesi are among the very best in the Mara.

John Siololo, also known as Big John, is a naturalist with more than 15 years experience from guiding in the Mara. He is guide and driver at Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp. John is born and raised in the Mara and knows the Maasai Mara as the inside of his pockets. John is a well known and sought after guide. He knows what it means to deal with professional and demanding wildlife photographers, and always work hard to give you the best opportunities to have your best shots whether it is from inside the car, or from the ground or on foot – from the early mornings to the late afternoons.

Johnmark Kiss-may is a naturalist with about 10 years experience from guiding at different safari companies in the Mara. He is born and raised in the Mara as well, and has studied wildlife, conservation and eco tourism at Koyaiki Guiding School. He has great knowledge about both the flora and fauna of Maasai Mara, and also he is exceptionally sharp-eyed. When availible and requested by groups/photographers, Johnmark will participate as spotter/tracker on the Oltepesi game drives. Johnmark also works as guide and driver at Entim Camp.

Both Big John and Johnmark speak fluent English.

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